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Put the kibosh on the cholesterol and the kilos in surplus without remedy (Part 7)

in the battle against cholesterol, I proffer to you in this part a certain quantity of menus and painlessly attainable cookery books if you have satisfactory time for the purchases, the realization of certain dishes and their tasting.
It is not each time the same: you will be someday too much busy or not at home for affair or invited with a dinner or a cocktail or at a restaurant.
The practiseonce a day will be the topic of this part: Breakfast, One week of menus, Desserts and Recipes of Christmas eve.

It is the most important meal of your day. Steadly, it enables you to prevent: that sinking sensation (around 11 A.M.), taking a snack and a too nutritive for the lunch.

If you have the bad customs to start the day with a simple cup of coffee or tea swallowed while running, you really need to re-educate yourself:

Take your time: Set your waking to toll fifteen minutes earlier. Get ready a true small well-balanced meal and in agreement with your own taste. Taste it quietly.
Decrease your evening meal and make if you can a walk before going to bed. As a matter of fact, night digestion is slower and if your dinner is too copious, you will not have next morning any hunger.
Be ingenious: You again and again have to differ the composition of your breakfast. You have only one rule to respect: no fat apart from the vegetable margarine.

Use: natural bread, cereals, dairy produces with 0% fat, honey and jam with moderation, fresh fruits and fruit salads.
Also consume: the bolled ham or mountain ham but without the fat border, the fried white eggs.
Drink at will: black coffee, tea, skimmed milk and fresh fruit juice.
Definitively give up: the viennoiseries, the egg yolks, the cold cuts, the fried bacon and the milk chocolate.

Four sort of sandwiches
1. Edge of sea: a little hamburger bread, roll mops fillets, slices of onion, yoghourt with 0% fat with pepper and lemon.

2. Traditional: French loaf, white ham without the fat border, tomato slices, green salad, mustard.

3. Vegetarian: two toast sections, fried white eggs, chive, two sheets of lettuce.

4. Bar: A little bread, a slice of Parma ham, two gherkins.

One week of menus:
The recipies here are calculated for 4 people. But, you will easily fit the quantities to the number of guests.

We ask you scrupulously to respect the used ingredients and the modes of cooking. The presented menus call upon only good fats and the selected food is the least rich in cholesterol.

The used dressings will be always based on olive oil, grape pips oil, nut oil, soya oil or sunflower oil.

The dairy produces will be always with 0% fat.

Let us finally specify that the receipts are of easy realization and do not require high culinary competences. You will devote to their development only a very reasonable time.

P.S.: This menu of the week was worked out for France. Frenchmen like to eat certain foods that other countries do not want to eat. I am well placed for this. I have a French culture and I reside abroad. If for instance you do not want to eat the rabbit fricassee, you can replace this meat by another white meat with the exception of the pig. Thus be imaginative. Retain this proverb: by nature, all beats which run are thin. Thus the hare is also a lean meat.

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