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Skinny Conversations

Hi everyone!

Check out my brand new pro-ana site! There definitely aren't enough pro-ana sites out there right now, mainly due to censorship, so I decided to create a new one. It's got live chat, a message board, an LJ blogging group, information on the pro-ana movement and the red bracelet project as well as never before seen guide files on obtaining prescription weight loss drugs, "safe" foods and more content that will be added daily (in fact, there's more new content being added right now!) I'm hoping to create a pro-ana site that's got excellent and useful information you can't find anywhere else. We're all tired of seeing endless lists of the same diets plans, so we've been researching night and day to bring NEW information to the ana community. As of now there isn't a lot of traffic in our chatroom or on our board just yet, but the sooner everyone checks it out, the sooner we'll be able to have a big, distinct community of anas, mias, and ednos'. Our expert, "Ana" will be serving the community in a column giving advice, information on weight loss drugs (specialty area of knowledge), treatment and therapy, debunking myths and providing accurate and up to date nutritional information, personal recommendations and advice.  Ana is an anthropology major at *withheld for anonymity* university with an emphasis in anorectic praxis studies. We hope to be able to bring more scientific data and information to the ana community. Thanks for your time! P.S. Please send me any ideas you have or would like to see as guide files or changes on the site!

Click here to check out Skinny Conversations!

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