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The First Amendment supports pro-ana'a right to speak and publish

Above all, I would like to ask the haters of pro-ana community where their sense of free speech is. Pro-ana websites and all material with "questionable content" actually help to protect and enforce the right to freedom of speech, free forum and free press. It is one thing to disagree with a certain group, but to desire to suppress the opinions and statements of others, even if they are things like how to swindle doctors for pills or guide files on suicide or even such travesties as pedophilic literature is to reject the very freedom this country was founded upon. Also note, countries which dictate published literature and forum opinions are typically communist or fascist dictatorships. Consider countries that suppress free speech such as China, North Korea, Iran, Singapore, Pakistan or Liberia. Is suppressing opinion the foundation you support and the most optimal platform for American liberties and one's own right to the pursuit of happiness? This is the basis of the of the anti pro-ana stance and it is incredibly ignorant. 
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I couldnt care less about your american liberties. When I see dumb I speak up.
Dumb is your tiny country that's indebted to us. I can't believe you're an absolutist. It's logically incorrect thinking. Look at your so-called empire and kingdom, what's left of it. ..And your being a first world country in today's modern world situation is only because of American back up. We could nuke your tiny island in one hit. Sure you'd send return fire before any of our stuff hit, but it'd do what, blow up San Francisco? And then we'd blow up all of the UK in one hit. We have a lot more land, money, opportunity, success, freedom and overall superiority. You should curb that attitude of supremacy over me for being an American.
Dear whatever gave you the idea I'm in the UK? Again you presume wrongly. There is a whole world outside the English speaking countries. That's real charming to threaten to blow up those who dont agree with your ideals. Mind you I dont disagree with them per se, I just think it's dumb to tote them around online as the only true way. The internet is international. Even evil commies have it these days.

isn't that wild? she talks about protecting liberty, and then talks about mass-murder. it's the disease, grasping wildly at a moral foundation.
I thought it was funny none the less
I thought it was a real laugh too. You managed to make yourself seem even dumber than before. This has been really entertaining.
I hope you're laughing as hard at her response as we are.
Thats just *special* - I have freedom of speech - i'm american! If you use your freedom of speech to disagree with me: WE HAVE BOMBS & WILL NUKE YOU! Hah.
I just having fun. Lol. I don't intend or wish my country to nuke anyone, and I also think we ought to quit occupying Iraq
Oh I am :-)
What you should be concerned with is fat people who plop down in scooters never to rise again... Look how our economy tolerates a serious problem:

The Merits "BIG BOY" is the ultimate in HEAVY DUTY electric wheelchairs. With a 500lb. weight capacity, this state of the art heavy duty rear wheel drive power wheel chair will meet the demands of the most active user. The frame is of durable steel construction and offers superb maneuverability indoors and rugged durability outdoors and on the hiking trail. Standard features include an oversized captains seat with 4 prong mount, flip up height and width adjustable arm rests, electromagnetic brakes, ABS construction and more! Elevating leg rests are also available as an option. The MP3HD is the chair of choice for dependable heavy duty people!

There's no way anyone can convince me this wasn't designed for obese people who, by choice, decide to give up all mobility. I guess you must approve of this if you hate pro-ana so much. Isn't it interesting that fat people get to products marketed to them and people fawn and look sad for them as they scoot their scooters closer and closer to the day they'll die of heart attack. Yet somehow anorexic people, who die hardly ever compared to obese people aren't allowed to have websites. Yep. Explain that one.
I cant say I care much for the economy or the obese in your country. I imagine that the market for "BIG BOY" wheelchairs is booming, cant blame people for wanting to make money off that. Not that I care about that one way or the other.

There a couple missing word typos there.

*Isn't it interesting that fat people get to have special products marketed to them and people fawn over them and look sad for them as they scoot their scooters closer and closer to the day they'll die of heart attack. Yet somehow anorexic people, who die hardly ever compared to obese people somehow aren't even allowed to have websites. Both instances are identical in that they are both negative "solutions" except that fat people get a break and a special captain's seat and pro-anas should be censored for dangerous content. Seeing a fat person in one of those mobility devices is worse than anything pro-ana does because it grants acceptance of that lifestyle and displays that horrid acceptance to impressionable people of all ages, especially children who happen to be in the grocery store or the mall and see the laziest, unhealthiest individuals on display for the world with a "I'm obese, and that's okay!" attitude. Yep. Explain that one.
You truly are amazing with your presumptions. All I ever said about your website is that it's dumb and that you picked the wrong community to advertise it in. Now somehow you have turned that into:
my hating pro-ana
my wanting websites banned
my advocating for obese people.

Cant wait to see what you come up with next.
Back to the original topic then. My website is not dumb and I most definitely posted it in the wrong community. However,

Maybe you don't understand the point of my website. There are no "thinspirations" and there are no suggestions, instructions, tips, tricks or advice on learning anorexia in any way. I have also taken down the article on Adderall, turned the main page into a warning with an enter button and created a resource section for getting help. I'm not trying to help or show anyone how to become anorexic. And it IS fair that we have a place to talk and share our ideas, thoughts, dreams and struggles. That is what the site was meant for. As for red bracelets, it may sound like a club bracelet type thing, but it's not. It's intended for comfort. Do you know how many of us walk alone? It's fine to ask if one is depressed but it's not okay to ask if someone's anorexic. So naturally, most anorexics are lonely and only meet up in treatment facilities. I'm trying to offer a new way to bridge the connection.

The websites is nothing like all of these sick 15 yr old girl ana sites that suggest getting a tongue ring to stop eating because it's difficult to chew, or start smoking cigarettes to decrease appetite, or go on a ten day liquids fast (I'm sure the author of the last one must be dead by now). Can't you see there's a difference between pro-pro ana, and the pro-ana that are just communities of anorexics that message each other and make friends?
It's nice that you changed your website from being another generic pro-ana site. Support and being able to speak freely is important, that's where something fishy fails.

You dont have to explain what having an eating disorder feels like, I've had one for 10 years already. Most of that time I have had the internet and been browsing various ed related sites. That's where I get my high horse from which I dictate what I find dumb and what I dont find dumb.
Yeah. I never intended it to be less than serious, nor an encouragement of mental illness. I just want to make a site that neither condones nor condemns the illness, but just provides health information instead. Did you know hundreds of thousands of teenage girls with EDs die each year from drinking ipecac, which, according to my research is actually a fatal poison intended to be a last resort attempt for a poisoned person that's already going to die? (ipecac causes 5hr vomitings fits) I read that 42% of people who take ipecac die the first time they use it? So yeah, I'm just trying to create a place that has information that anorexics should know to keep from dying, basically. I saw one dumb po-ana site that advocated drinking no liquids for ten days as a fast. That would kill you! So yeah, my site is pro-ana I think, but not in the same way that these teeny bopper anorexia club websites are.
Yea I know ipecac is toxic as hell. If you are going to write a warning about it add that it has a long half life and it takes 5 years before it's completely out of the body. That's 5 years that it can cause damage. I looked that one up on pharmacafennica.

A lot of girls try it out of desperation but it actually isnt that good for purging calories from the stomach. It can take half an hour to kick in and by then a lot of cals are already absorbed.
so now you're a Founding Father, huh, protecting liberty? advocating self-harm is unkind and unwise, and you are not protecting anything by doing it. i'm not suppressing your right to speak. i just want people to stay away from you when you advocate self-harm, and i want you to stop doing so.
Well too bad. I can do whatever I want in this country so long as my "harm" doesn't break any laws. Isn't that a shame for you?
It is often a sad truth, yes.
sadly true. But hey - there is progress being made towards working on making those laws more responsible to the harm thats being endorsed. I guess we just have to keep working at it. Thank you for keeping the argument rational where I failed to, i'm sorry - I hope you're not feeling as bad about this whole 'debate' as I am. Its frustrating. If it makes you feel better - everything you've said has made perfect sense that I wish I could manage and I agree with you wholeheartedly.
Freedom of speech is the WORST argument us Americans can use for anything.
The first amendment is not a LAW, nor is it a RULE--it's a guideline, for the most part. There is not a law that says someone cannot question what you've said, nor is there a law that says if there is a rule against certain speech, you can't be punished.
The internet obviously allows people to say what they want, but for people to think they are somehow protected from ridicule and harassment for what they say shows how little people know about America.

People need to find new arguments.