1nvisibletears (1nvisibletears) wrote in ana_debate,

Moving on from my site posting / What is wrong with pro-ana?

We could sit here and mock my website all day, but it's rather sidetracking. ...So who thinks "pro-ana" is wrong, and why? Also, let us make it known that "pro-ana" is a reference to online media and communities that include three types of people/opinion; a) those who believe anorexia is a lifestyle, not a malady; b) those who suffer from anorexia as a malady, not a lifestyle yet refuse treatment; c) many with a neutral opinion between "a" and "b" - And finally, the inclusion of bulimics, binge&purge disorder, binge disorder, self-injurers, and eating disorders not otherwise specified. What's wrong with them having communities that aren't recovery based?
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