1nvisibletears (1nvisibletears) wrote in ana_debate,

The First Amendment supports pro-ana'a right to speak and publish

Above all, I would like to ask the haters of pro-ana community where their sense of free speech is. Pro-ana websites and all material with "questionable content" actually help to protect and enforce the right to freedom of speech, free forum and free press. It is one thing to disagree with a certain group, but to desire to suppress the opinions and statements of others, even if they are things like how to swindle doctors for pills or guide files on suicide or even such travesties as pedophilic literature is to reject the very freedom this country was founded upon. Also note, countries which dictate published literature and forum opinions are typically communist or fascist dictatorships. Consider countries that suppress free speech such as China, North Korea, Iran, Singapore, Pakistan or Liberia. Is suppressing opinion the foundation you support and the most optimal platform for American liberties and one's own right to the pursuit of happiness? This is the basis of the of the anti pro-ana stance and it is incredibly ignorant. 
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